Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Khy-Wrap Tutorial : Wrapping Up

Remember i promised a Tutorial?

Okay, 1st up, fold the long fabric length wise, halving the width so that you make a pocket on each panel later.

Then find the centre (as marked by the Khy-Wrap label) on ur product and put the label on ur bellybutton as shown above.

Afterwards, cross one side of the material to the OPPOSITE shoulder as shown above. (front view) 

From the back, this is how it will look like.

Then take the other side & do the same for the other shoulder, making an "X" shape at the back. 

Make sure fabric stays as flat as possible on ur body. This is to ensure comfort (ye la kang nak sandar sume selesa la takde bunching up) & also is vital for effective weight distribution so that takde sakit pinggang sakit urat later on.

From the front, this is how it will look like. 

Then, take the right side & slide it beneath the front panel as so.

Do the same for the other side.

Thjis is how it will look with both the right & left panel beneath the front panel.

& that is the "pocket" i was talking about tadi.

Keep the two front panels snug to ur body, no need to leave too much space cz the material is pretty stretchy.

Cross the right & left at the front panels as shown

Bring to the back & cross them again.

For bigger sized wearers, u can tie your knots here.

Bring to front  again (if small to medium sized & kain tu can cross over to the front again.)
Tie double knots to secure & u r done!!

Harga RM 80 per piece.

 And.... sehingga  20 April, sesape yang beli akan dapat 10% diskon!
ONLY RM 72 per piece (not incl postage ye RM 8) ,
 barely balik modal je, if you peeps beli sendiri kat kedai kain pon will cost u either the same or more!
 Just because I wanted so much to share with u guys my love for the wrap & make babywearing more accepted in our community!

There are many designs yang korang bole pilih. & trust me not only they are functional, they are super-fashionable too! (im contemplating buying more.. hehehe)

So, ade mau pre-order these Khy-wrap? 
(suka hati je kasik nama khayra + wrap. huhuhu)

 Pls mail me at 
or text me at 019- 667 2506