Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Khy-wrap, Say Hello!

When i was preggers, i did many researches as i was interested in natural parenting, namely of breastfeeding, cloth diapering, babywearing & their importance.

Bukannye i do not have any strollers or carrier cum car seat for newborn but i'd like to have something compact , convenient & easy to handle. So i went typing "baby carriers" on google & 1st time gk pic ni i was hooked, lagi lak it was made trendy by celebrities like Sheryl Crow, along with Maggie Gyllenhaal, Brooke Shields, Ricki Lake, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Samantha Harris and Sarah Palin .

Moby Wrap is a baby carrier consisting of a long piece of ultra-soft, breathable cotton. Toted as the most comfortable baby carrier on the market, the Moby Wrap is wrapped around the wearer to create a safe, custom-fitted and versatile baby carrier.

Boba Wrap also fits similar description only that the fabric is different. Moby is made of 100% cotton jersey like material & boba wrap is made of 95% cotton & 5% lycra french terry knit.
The wrap can be used for babies up to 35 lbs (15 kg) and is available in solids, prints, & designs.
Since a Moby can cost me upto RM 200+ each.. & truthfully its a little steep for us considering we are looking into nk pndah umah bagai.. Mmg kne DIY lg la ni.

So... Lahirlah DIY wrap yg dibeli sendiri at a fraction of the price.

The verdict? This Moby wannabe (in which I named later Khy-Wrap) sgtla comfy, tak sakit pinggang or bahu & my child tido nyenyak yang amat whenevr i pakai nih ok.

Btw, Khayra is sebulan stengah & 4 kg by now. I have been using it since Khayra is 3 weeks old & it has been my total lifesaver when i had to move alone to banks & Jab pendaftaran negara to make her passport sume cz Luqman was working.

It is also nnifty for evening walks since i need my exercise to hilangkan sume lemak2 degil. hoho

Pakai pegi mommy baby expo kat midvalley

Lihatla betapa comfortable nye Khayra tdo dlm tu

Kenduri kawen Intan at De Palma Inn Grand Ballroom

Berjalan2 cari pasal at Ikano Power Centre

Sambil berjalan dlm wrap sambil BF. Mudah, discreet & comfortable.

I am wanting to sell these to sesape yang interested.
Ada byk printed ones, material i found baru yang much waaay better thn the one i hv been using before.
Khy-Wrap is a Korea mari material made from 95% denim cotton + 5% lycra, so technically this wrap is like a cross between Moby Wrap & a Boba wrap. How cool ,kan!

Also tak panas even when worn in extended time. I mean we both didnt end up berpeluh2 mcm ape je.

Harga RM 110 per piece incl postage.

barely balik modal je, if you peeps beli sendiri kat kedai kain pon will cost u either the same or more!
Just because I wanted so much to share with u guys my love for the wrap & make babywearing more accepted in our community!

There are many designs yang korang bole pilih. & trust me not only they are functional, they are super-fashionable too! (im contemplating buying more.. hehehe)

So, ade mau pre-order these Khy-wrap?
(suka hati je kasik nama khayra + wrap. huhuhu)

Tutorial coming up!

Pls mail me at
or text me at 019- 667 2506


  1. Congratulations for producing a local line wrap. I've seen many good local-made SSCs, Woven Wrap, MeiTais, RingSlings, and Onbuhimo. I even sewn my own meitai. But this is the 1st time coming across a stretchy wrap. ;)

    A suggestion, why dont u introduce your product in the MBW official website and FB Group. Can also get advises from the seniors there.

    Ive been babywearing since 2009, and still am finding the MBW group so helpful, even though hv nvr been in any of their meetups.

    Congratulations again for spreading the joy of babywearing, and have fun babywearing.


  2. Oh tq so much for such great advise. I hv been looking into babywearing as my mom sed we all hated d stroller as babies. I presume my doter wud b d same. & i love d handsfree freedom it offers.

    Ill try so. Cz really it is sold at DIy price too! Huhu. Someday when khayra is heavier, ill look into other means n ssc's seems good. Hehe

  3. ohh.... terlambat sedikit coz i've already hv a boba wrap... tp ada rezeki, insyaallah, next month nk beli lg satu in case boba wrap dibasuh. hehe....

  4. salam kenal kyra........ mcm best jaaa wrap tuh..
    sure ke nak sale RM80.00
    kalau nak ada lagi kew

  5. masih jual lg ker?? interested :-)

  6. same question...ada jual lg ke sis? berminat

  7. Adelg ke klu de saye nk bli n hrge skrg berpe