Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Khy-Wrap Designs: Solid Colors Series

Salam all you lovelies!

Entry sekadar mencuci mata cz I am sorry unable to do pre-orders da as I need to balik Temerloh dah.. please visit here for in-stock designs. TQ

P/S: series nih gambo kaler tak bes ngat cz lighting tak bgs.. almaklum amik dlm store..aih~

Blue Denim

Grey Denim

Hot Pink


Graduated Pinks & Orange

Yellow (bukan oren tau.. sumpah kalo tgk dpan2 akan nmpak kuning)


If interested,

Harga RM 110 per piece incl postage.

barely balik modal je, if you peeps beli sendiri kat kedai kain pon will cost u either the same or more!
Just because I wanted so much to share with u guys my love for the wrap & make babywearing more accepted in our community!

There are many designs yang korang bole pilih. & trust me not only they are functional, they are super-fashionable too! (im contemplating buying more.. hehehe)

Pls mail me at
or text me at 019- 667 2506

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