Wednesday, April 4, 2012

How to Order

Okay 1st up ensure that U really are interested in Babywearing. hihi.

For In-stock:

Browse our In-stock Designs library (will be posted up later) & take ur pick.

Pastu mail me or text or Whatsapp me the name of the design & amount of order.

(In ur mail/text, please remmber to include ur name & mobile number)

eg: Polka Series, Funky Polka 2

After confirmation of design, if nak COD (Shah Alam, Kota Kemuning  & Temerloh area), pls transfer
RM 40 & the remaining during product pick-up.

If nak being posted, pls transfer full payment & inform me along with full address & mobile number
 (if not yet given).

Bile product da post out, ill text/mail u the tracking number.

Pls allow a couple of days from order confirmation bcz we need time to get to the supplier for product & also to sew the middle marker on the item.

u can mail me at

or text at 

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